Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Proof That Life Goes On

Today Gabe helped me make cupcakes for his birthday. He also helped me lick the spoon. And the beaters. And the bowl. And the counter where it all dripped. I am total okay with batter eating because A) I refuse to get all jazzed up about salmonella and raw eggs (which are organic anyway) and because B) I remember so vividly as a kid hating how all adults swept the batter away after just a few licks. They even washed perfectly good batter out of the bowl!! Batter is the best part of the process. I regularly enjoy cookie dough and cake batter and brownie mix. Sometimes I barely bake but half the batch after a particularly bingalishious snacking spree. So, when my kids want to eat batter, I let them eat the same quantity I would let them eat of the baked product. Especially when it is a birthday. Gabe and Quin both enjoyed the batter. Even Honey Babe got a taste from Banana Girl.

Then I iced them liberally with chocolate frosting and set the table with the special Birthday Table Cloth from my friend Tracy. Look how excited Gabe is to get his cake! He is finally old enough to fully understand and anticipate the concept of his birthday and all the accoutrements.

Here he is, clapping his hands in unfettered glee!

Quin helped him blow out the candles and he didn't mind a bit.

Then we all chowed down on the spoils of Birthday-tude. Except Peevers, who is puzzled.

But how fetching is Peeves in her custom made Party Hat? She's total like: What the Hell. You all are eating cake and I gotta wear this cockamamie hat and eat tiny pieces of peach? What gives? This is baby-ism at its worst!

And here are the aforementioned custom party hats in all their shining (and in Peever's case highly crumpled and partially eaten) glory.

Gabe's says: Birthday Boy Gabe
Honey Babe's says: Mielle
Quin's says: Q Girl
Ribh's says: Peeves

Hooray for all the scrapbooking supplies I have collected and not touched since having more than one child! I'm crazy, but not crazy enough to try to scrapbook with three children literally eating the scraps before my eyes. I still takes lots of photos, but my scrapping days are long gone. Besides, what kid really wants their photos surrounded by giraffes and shit anyway? Much better on party hats they got to help make.

It was a good kid day. We baked. We frosted. We crafted (hats). We sang. We swam in the pool in the yard. We danced to Dirty Dancing and INXS: Rockstar. And a good time was had by all.


Anna Banana said...

It was a good day, I was hard pressed during the Dora inflicted ritual of naming my favorite part, to decide which part WAS my favorite!

I think it was playing with the hose, Gabe's repeated requests to be sprayed with the hose filled me with a particularly intense feeling of glee.....grown-ups always get grumpy about being sprayed repeatedly in the head with an icy hose, not Gabe though!

Happy Birthday Gabe!

mamatan2 said...


Holly and Alex

hdm said...

Give Gabe a birthday squeeze from Uncle Matt and Aunt Heidi (or is it the other way around?). Looks like he had a wonderful day :)

Linda said...

"Besides, what kid really wants their photos surrounded by giraffes and shit anyway?"


I have to say I do agree.

Oh, and we're batter-eaters too, raw eggs and all. I'm glad to finally have someone to admit this to.