Saturday, March 17, 2007

Why You Are Glad I Am NOT Posting Photos

I've been told by several friends lately that based on my blog (or rather the shriveled husk left of my blog) that they feared some dire fate befell me in Vegas. Like perhaps I decided to become a go-go dancer/stripper, or I was kidnapped by a sheik, or I wandered off with the other zombies into the pool of dreams bewitched by the siren sound of the giant singing frog.

In actuality, the trip to Vegas kicked off the month from hell in which I spend three out of four weeks in February on the road. And hubby grew a uterus and the children all forgot my name and then I came home and did approximately 97 loads of laundry. And bought groceries. And sifted through the three foot stack of papers on my desk and answered 587 phone messages.

And then The Scourging Plague of Ought Seven hit our household and I continued to go to work most days while juggling vomiting children, coughing children, feverish children, and just plain pissy children, until the whole thing culminated in the most pathetic and sickest child of all: Hubby. Who is now going on to day seven of Near Death and Complete Uselessness.

Oh! And Nonny (my mom) visited in the midst of all this. Because twice every year I volunteer about 20 hours for this super cool kid's consignment sale in order to have the privilege to not only sell all my kids old clothes for good prices, but to be able to shop about four hours earlier than everyone else, Which is totally worth it because the boys size 7 clothes are totally picked over otherwise. And this is how I can afford to clothe three children. And Nonny helps me get all my clothes ready (because there are super strict rules about how they must be presented) and helps me juggle three children during the process. (Plus, Nonny is a laundry genius and she can make almost any horrifically stained item of kid clothing resell-able, which is CRITICAL. So when I said I did 97 loads of laundry, I actually wasn't exaggerating except that Nonny did about 89 of them.) But of course the sale just happened to immediately abut all my travel so Nonny came and then chaos ensued and then she left and then the raging sickness began.

And THAT my friends, is why there have been no blog entries for over a month.

And now I am going to prop my husband up and pour tepid broth down his throat because he is THAT pathetic.