Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Sign of Life

I exist.

I am crazed...with preparations to embark on the family road trip extraordinaire!

We will leave tomorrow morning from sunny, smoggy, sweltering Georgia and drive across the country in a minivan loaded with children ( and don't forget the family dog) and peanut butter sandwiches to breezy Wisconsin. We are planning to make it to Milwaukee in a single day.

Hubby plans to have a large drink, brimming with alcohol, as soon as we arrive, regardless to the time of arrival.

I will shoot numerous photos and hopefully relate a few heee-larious stories of madcap adventures on our Great American Roadtrip and subsequent tour of the Shining State of Wisconsin. 'Cuz we're gonna see all of it folks, God help us! We will be visiting every relative who ever had the (mis) fortune to share a snippet of DNA with our clan. Our kids will smear peanut butter onto every sofa from Milwaukee to Crandon to Eau Claire to Mondovi. They will never forget us (or remove the stains from our visit).

Hey, it could be worse, we could be going to Iowa. ('Nuff said.)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Sign That I Should be Blogging More

I am lying inertly on my bed, feeling rotten and slightly feverish.

Gabe approaches with a piece of lined notebook paper and a pencil.

Me: Umpff. (weakly) Hi Buddy.

Gabe: Mom! I made this sign! It says: "Do NOT disturb Gabe!"

Me: Oh. What's it for?

Gabe: It's for me 'cuz Quin keeps bugging me!

Me: (silence) Huh. But Gabe, can Quin read?

Gabe: (long silence, thinking) Yeaaah?

Gabe returns to the living room where I hear him lecture Quin about his sign and then he sits and watches cartoons while holding his sign in his lap. I continue to lie inertly and feverishly on my bed and watch Kathy Griffin (who is my new favorite comedic genius).

End Scene.

*Aren't you glad I came back to blog about the hilarity and great doings in my life? It was really funny at the time. I swear. Maybe it was the fever?