Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New and Improved

I just downloaded blogger's new version o' happy bloggerific formatification. Let's see how ya'll like it.

Photos of the bears in progress to come.

I'm frantically packing for a business trip tomorrow and I am addled, hence the sudden need to twaddle with my blog. I'll prolly post the oft promised bear photos at about 1:48 am when I am too keyed up to sleep. (Cuz nothing makes for an awesome business trip like starting it off with 3 hours sleep due to spazziness, coupled with (predicted) airport delays due to the one time the thermometer in georgia drops below 32 degrees and the dreaded freezing rain falls. Perfect timing.)

Wish me luck. Maybe I'll write a nice long juicy blog when I'm trapped at the airport for six hours tomorrow. Or I'll read every issue of US magazine and Star and drink four lattes. You might want to avoid ATL airport tomorrow on second thought. I'll be the dazed one dribbling latte foam and screeching about making bears.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hole in the Head

The boy has a hole in his head the size of the Grand Canyon (and that's f-ing really big).

Hole in the Head, originally uploaded by ICB Mar.

That gap represents THREE missing teeth. And while the center one just came out this morning, you can clearly see the impatience of the big old adult tooth ramming its way in behind the jagged gum line.

I don't know whether to swoon from the adorableness of the gap or be horrified by his hillybilly appearance. I just pray the new teeth will look better than the tiny gappy baby teeth did. I also fear orthodontic pleasures are emminent in our future based on the terrifying angles of the adult teeth coming in!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Like so many, I struggle with the resolution dilemna. If you resolve something, then you're pretty much doomed to failure. Which will make you feel like shit and send you to swim in trough of remorse and failure (which tastes just terrible!) and you will then be required to rescue yourself with a life preserver of cookie dough and red wine and celebrity gossip rags! (which might sink?? Hmmm. Crap analogy.)

To wit: I considered resolving to blog weekly. But alas, it has already been more than a week since my last blog entry. Hmph. Whatever.

Or, I considered resolving to be more organized, but that is akin to resolving that I grow 4 inches. I AM organized. I just have 87 children and four full time jobs (or so it seems). How about I resolve to have a full time maid and cook? (That's not me, I mean.) How about if I just get all my Christmas stuff put away before February?

I want to resolve to spend more quality time doing cool stuff with the kids. Weeknights, I tend to make their dinner and get them settled in front of the TV and then I do all the stuff I need to do (laundry, cleaning, bills etc) and squeeeeze in a bit of stuff I want to do, like watch last weeks episode of Top Chef or catch up on all the back episodes of Heroes (holy crap, that's a great show!).

This photo represents all my short comings in both of those potential resolutions. While I was watching Heroes, Quin reorganized the christmas decorations (which should be put away) for me and created her own version of Peace. Hey, at least she was being very quiet. That's what peace on earth is all about, right? Right? (I'm sooo pathetic.) If only she has an "s" she could have spelled "escape". Sigh. It always sucks to be confronted by the gap between your intentions and your actions. THAT is the problem with New Year's resolutions.

When Peace Gets Jumbled, originally uploaded by ICB Mar

And finally I have resolved to do more crafty things because it's fun and I LOVE me the fabric store.

Here is my current project: I am going to make a bear for Tristan (small nephew) and Jasper (other small nephew). * Note: I have the fabric all picked out for Mielle's kitty but let's finish this project first!*

I am using this wee wonderfuls pattern book (purchase one here) again with a few minor ammendments. Because, for one, I am making BOY bears!

So, stay tuned for more adorable crafting and tales of woe.