Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Million Dirty Faces


Nonny's munchkins, originally uploaded by ICB Mar.

We have spent the past week in my hometown with my mom (known to the kids as Nonny) and my family. Every single member of my family lives here and wanted to see the kids and hang out a bit, so it's been quite busy. This photo is displays all the grandkids. Unfortunately, flickr is not cooperating and won't let me post the rest so I'll have to make another post using a different method to get the rest of the photos up here. Bah!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Haiku and Rock

This weekend we went to see Sassy's band play at a local pub. One thing led to another and the result: the best damn haiku ever written in O'Leary's Pub. To wit:

your lips and my mouth
meet in clandestine violence
bumping teeth, we laugh

guitar solos make
me offer an "o" face to
all, secret revealed

scribbling haikus
drunken verses in the dark
synapses don't fire

swimming pool beckons
limpid chasms of drunkness
silken limbs afloat

force is strong with him
Jedi paduan learns much
star wars I have seen

i'm not too drunk yet
i'm still not smoking tonight
waiting for drinkage

my transexual
girlfriend does it all for me
like juicy TETRIS

Can you figure out who wrote what?

Cute picture of kids and family tomorrow.