Monday, July 04, 2005

Did ya miss me?

I was gone soo soo long from my faithful readers and my lovely computer access. And now I must confess to the gravity of my addiction to this here blog: I got home after traveling all day and put the three kiddos in bed and crept back downstairs to check my comments and whatnot. And now I am posting before crawling back to bed because I. just. can't. stop. I swear, I will sleep much better if I just post a little something before I go to bed. Otherwise sometimes I actually lay (lie?) awake at night thinking of posts I want to write. (Now I will lie/lay awake trying to decide which form is the proper usage. Damn!)

This passionate relationship I am developing with my computer (computer, friend!) makes me think of how my sister-in-law calls my brother's computer "the little grey whore" because he stays up late into the night loving on the computer while his poor wife sleeps alone. Now she (the computer, not the SIL) is called the "little silver whore" I think, because he got an upgrade.

And I now have my "little flat screened compaq lover" who loves me while my hubby is far far away. Be afraid sweet hubby.


Kris said...

in this tense, it is "lie" awake

I help because I'm anal about this stupid crap and because I don't want your poor head to hurt about it.

OK, it's really bc I'm anal.

Banana said...

I found it immensely amusing that you were unable to find time to post in your blog while on your trip. Amusing because in theory you should of had significantly more time for sitting in front of the computer there, than at home with 3 children while moonlighting as a single mom!

Welcome back!