Thursday, July 07, 2005

At Long Last, the Promised Post About Harry's

"What is this Harry's you are so hepped up about?" you might ask. Ahhhh..Harry's. Good times. Good times.

Harry's is a Farmer's Market/Grocery Store.

Brian first went to Harry's while visiting a friend of ours in Marietta last year. He returned from that trip, full of tales of how I would love Harry's, Harry's was so cool, yada babble babble. I didn't doubt that it would be a neat store, but I had lived in Madison and I had gone to the Madison Farmer's Market for years. And even now, I live in a town with a great natural foods store.

I mean, Harry's is a grocery store really. Big Deal. And then I went to Harry's myself.

You have no idea. Really. Even as you read this, just know that I cannot really do it justice. If you are ANY kind of a foody, this place is foody heaven.

It's really, really big. Like Walmart big. I am not exaggerating. We were there for well over an hour and I saw like, 1/3 of it. I could spend days just salivating in the isles. I asked Brian if he would buy me a tent and an air mattress so I could sleep over. There are entire isles devoted to individual ethnic foods. The bulk food area could serve for a great frisbee golf course. The dairy case holds an entire herd of cows! (Okay, I am exaggerating now.)

So, what all does Harry's carry? Every single gourmet or organic food known to man. For example: if you were hankerin' for a lovely balsamic vinegar, you would have the choice of approximately 150 gorgeously packaged top-o-the-line balsamic vinegars in every flavor and variation imaginable. Peanut butter, you say? How about 50-some gourmet all-natural varieties with interesting twists like cinnamon-sugar, honey, and white chocolate. White chocolate peanut butter. Quite tasty on an english muffin, if I do say so myself. Organic meats a plenty, of all kinds: check. Organic high end seafood galore: check. Sinfully delicious bakery and deli: check. Every ingredient you can think of: check, check, and check. In the produce section, there were about 20 kinds of fresh mushrooms. There were shitakes, and creminis, and oysters, and porcini, and truffles, and those soft velvety mushrooms in hot and sour soup, and morels. There were fresh morel mushrooms, people! At Harry's!

I have never been so moved by food in my entire life. I exclaimed over food. I gasped. I swooned. I oogled. I snatched. I named by name all my foody friends who would give their first born child to live within driving distance from such a shangra-la (and you know who you are). I blasphemed. I might even have had an orgasm. And then I cursed at Brian, who was too embarrassed to allow me to run out to the car and get my camera so I could take pictures of all the glorious food at Harry's.

It is that great. Really. And it is only a few blocks from The Big Chicken. What more could a girl ask for?


ChiroMum said...

Oh, the nostalgia induced by your very apt description of Harry's (and the picture of The Big Chicken)!! Note to self, must make trip to GA shortly in order to re-stock Peanut butter supplies.

Have you checked out the wonders of the International Farmer's Market on Beaufort Highway? Another awesome stop for food-lovers!

Mar said...

I'll have to check out the farmer's market when I am not up each morning at the crack of dawn viewing houses all day. Oh yes, and when I own a fridge in GA. That would probably help too.

Mar said...

I just saw that they have the fancy white chocolate peanut butter from Harry's at Target! The hell you say! That's worse than the nose rings at Walmart.