Sunday, July 24, 2005

It WAS the 70's After All

It WAS the 70's After All, originally uploaded by esserboo.

First of all, check out my mom's WIG!!!! Holy moly woman! She looks exactly like the glidy alien woman is Mars Attacks!

Next, note my suave big brother. I see a bit of big bro in Gabe all the time.

Next, check out my Dad's super cool 70's 'fro. (And small dog kissing him. That's Sugar)

Oh my God! I just noticed that my parents are wearing matching pinstripes! How could anyone not have known my dad is, well, GAY!!!! And the sofa is paisley!

Now, look at my own adorable pigtailed two year old self. Hot jumpsuit, aye?

So, the question is: Does Quin look like her mom a bit or what? (see below for photographic evidence)

1 comment:

Jeni said...

Oh, she definately looks like you!

Heh. At first glance, I thought your dad was holding a chicken. I was like, whoa, a pet chicken, that's interesting. I definately need more sleep.