Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nice Computer. Computer Friend.

Hellooo! Did y'all see what I did? I added links! Whooo hoo! I also figured out how to install a program that allows me to track my hits. So, for those of you out there who are lurking lurking lurking,...BUSTED! I know all about you!

Did I mention the part where I am a self-taught computer genius! And don't you forget it!


Banana said...

If you are such a computer genius, maybe you can explain the big empty space above this entry?????

Mar said...

I don't show an empty space on my computer...but Bri said the same thing. Hmmm....perhaps I spoke too soon and tempted the fates. I know nothing of this computer wrinkle. Damn! Curses, foiled again!

Banana said...

Don't think I'm not impressed.... I do return again and again so I must find something interesting. Thinking of starting my own blog, hummm....

Evelyn said...

Please tell me your secret program! I tried to add a free counter to my blog & it wouldn't take...I'm at:
you're welcome to read my boring entries - not nearly as interesting as yours! :)

Linda said...

Woah! I want to know about the tracking program too! I've been wanting to do that for forever.

Oh, and I get the big empty space too. A lot of blogger pages do that. Hm.

Mar said...

For those of you wanting the details:

I went to

I followed the directions.

After some initial confusion that the template section in blogger really is where I should be inserting code I found the area they told me to insert it into (copy and paste) and tried it and wha-la! Then I just log into my (free) tracksy account and bust all the lurkers. Whooo-hee!

By the way, the big space is only there for those using internet explorer as their browser I believe. I know it is not there when using Mozilla Firefox (which is frankly superior anyway according to my IT guy FWIW).

So, expiriment with tracksy and let me know if you still need direction.