Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Trip To Pottersville

I just finished the new Harry Potter. I started late, because I didn't want to wait in the hour long line at Borders and didn't pick up the book until Monday night. On Tuesday I quickly skimmed the last 100 or so pages of Year 5, so I'd remember what the heck was going on. Then, when I was really really crabby on Wednesday, I decided to self-medicate with The Book.

So, even though I haven't read any book that wasn't work related in its entirety since May, I finished this one in 4 days. I have spent considerably less time on-line reading blogs and camping out at

I have also had the advantage for the past day and a half of being a two adult household! Whooopee! I can continue to read while Hubby breaks up squabbles and makes PB & J sandwiches! Only blood or vomit could tear me from the saga of teenage Harry and his troubled doings.

So. Now I'm done. Back to the real world. I'm going to go hang out with my family. I am the Mama. But I really needed that little break: from reality, from single-mom duty, from my internet addictions, from hearing the word "Mama" 87 times in rapid succession. Color me refreshed. Thanks Harry (even though you made me cry)!

Oh yes! And Date Night tonight! Need I say more?

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