Thursday, July 21, 2005

Come Sing and Dance With Me

I'm singing the happy song and dancing the happy dance today because tonight, my darling Hubby comes home!!!!

We will get three delightful days together as a family. It seems that it will likely be another month or two before we will all live together again, so each little weekend together seems like such a major homecoming.

I predict that the weekend will be occasional marred by child related shenanigans which will doubtlessly precipitate devolution into yelling and hiding (by the parents, I mean) under beds. But, I think we are so excited to be together that we will tolerate all our own family idiosyncracies better than usual.

Then, on Sunday night, Banana comes with her little Honey Girl and the fun will extend into the week. Banana will watch her Honey Girl and my Big Kids when I am at work, and I will have adult supervision at night.

To quote the Goddess of Things Fluffy and Trivial: It's a Good Thing.

1 comment:

Kris said...


Loads of family love wishes for the weekend!

AND... make that air conditioner in your bedroom work hard to keep it cool ...

...if ya know what I mean