Thursday, June 30, 2005

How My Day Is Going

I am currently on step 54. There have been a few changes and additions. I didn't forget the dog, but I did have a dead battery as I tried to leave the house today! I have a five minute break at work before it gets crazy again and before my food gets here! I was only an hour late for work and will only have to stay about 45 minutes later than planned. It's gonna all work out. I'm going to need more caffeine and definitely some chocolate before this day is over though.

I've got a lot of driving to do tonight an tomorrow. They better have lots of margaritas in The Land of Plenty! Thanks y'all!


Mel said...

iQue dia loco...muy loco!

I wish I could have had time to talk to you more did an EXCELLENT job though!!! Even with some (a TON) craziness in your day. Phenomenal job w/your patients. Dr. C commented on it as well...said you put him and Dr. B to shame with how well you work w/your reports. Proud of you...and very proud to work with you.

Anna Banana said...

Hang in there sis. We love you!