Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A little too quiet

Today Quin woke up from her nap crabby! She woke up just about five minutes before we needed to leave to get into town on time so I was trying to hurry her. Post nap turpitude and hurrying do not mesh well, so I decided to give her a few minutes to chill out and left her sitting at the bathroom sink playing with hair clips while I quick nursed Peevers. I then realized I had been gone a while (over five minutes) and she hadn't made a sound. Either she had fallen back asleep (in the sink) or god knows what! So I ran in to behold: she had discovered an old tube of lipstick in the vanity.

And used it.

A lot.

She was covered in bright red lipstick around her mouth, covering both hands, one knee (I later discovered it went all the way up that leg and into her diaper! how'd she do that!?) and up one arm to the armpit. The lipstick was all gone! She said "pretty." Oh man, how do you yell at that. I was the one who left her there. Too cute.

And the worst part: It didn't occur to me to take a photo until after the bath. damn.

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