Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh Computer, how you mock me!

I am so slow when it comes to computer stuff. I try to blame it on my advanced age (33) but since so many others who have me cooked age-wise still manage to put together a reasonably techno-savvy blog, I have no excuses.

I tried today to enter the blog-roll world and thereby needed to enter the proper code into this blogging do-jiggy so you, my faithful readers, can see all the interesting blogs where I waste all my time ( like this and this and this to name a few). All I managed to do was curse a lot and look up help and FAQ a lot and ultimately end up with no changes to my blog format. However, faithful reader, you may note that I am getting better at this exciting hyperlink thingy!

I swear, I am not slow. If you want to learn more about what a subluxation is and why you should take care of your spine from birth on; I can give you a clear, concise, and compelling argument that could change your way of thinking about your nerve system forever. If you need to swap out a leaky drain in the bottom of your tub; hand me the plumber's putty and a pliers. If you would like a discourse on the merits of Blue's Clues vs Dora the Explorer vs Julie Clark and her goddamn Baby Einstein Empire; I can debate you for weeks. If you want to know where Brian has put his book, Gabe has left his Batman flashlight, and Quin has left her Waterbaby (Don't ask. It's a weird toy); I can usually produce it for you within minutes.

I am competent, practical, intelligent, and rational. And yet this f-ing computer kicks my ass every time. Bah!

I could get nasty and call the computer (my nemesis) a bunch of names but then it might just eat the next four posts I write, introduce Gabe to online porn, and then send an email to Brian's new boss calling him a pantywaist. I think I'll just quit for now.


Kris, loyal faithful reader said...

Yeah, we've got names picked out. You'd probably hate them. :)

Don't feel down about not knowing everything there is to know about computers. I only figured out what a blog IS about four months ago. Just think of it as you are too incredibly intelligent and important in saving the world from subluxation to worry about piddly things like computers. And say it with your nose in the air.

That's what I affirm to myself, anyway, everytime I hear about Charlie's good friend who skated into a bachelor's degree in computer science w/o knowing anything, has a job that pays 60K where he doesn't do anything, and now gets these braino ideas to write these internet programs and e-books that make him like 30K a month. Not kidding.

karla said...

God, I know. I tear my hair out trying to figure this stuff out. Luckily for me, my husband is a computer freaking genius. You commented on my blog and said you'd like to link to me (which thrilled me to no end!) and I asked Genius Husband if he could advise you. He took a look at your blog and said to send you this link:

He put my links in for me, though, which is naturally the easy route. If you try and can't figure it out, he would probably be glad to do it for you--I guess that would mean giving him your blogger password so he could do it, but then you could always change the password once he's done. Don't know if you'd want to go that route or not, but the offer is there if you get too frustrated. I don't want you beating your computer to a pulp with a baseball bat (like I am sometimes tempted to do).

Anyway, good luck!

karla said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot. There's one more thing Genius Husband said to do besides follow the instructions on that link. Here's what he says:

Her template didn't include a links section. She should follow these instructions. She needs to Edit the Template and add the link list from that example after the following line of code.

(here blogger won't allow me to insert the line of code you need. give me your email address and i'll email it to you. -karla)

He can also advise you on blogrolling, he set me up with a blogroll account.