Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm a Bit Down Today. And Hot.

This is the day I have been dreading. I should amend that statement. Actually, this is the day I have been avoiding really thinking about in order to avoid getting all down and dread-y.

I felt a little sick to my stomach all day yesterday, but I mostly managed to avoid thinking about it and just go on as if it were any other miserably furnace-like day in Iowa. It was so hot and damn humid (All together now: It's Not So Much the Heat as the Humidity) that the kids didn't even want to go out and play in the pool. I started the AC at 7:30 in the morning. We still have some yard work to do before we show the house and we simply couldn't bring ourselves to face the sauna of our backyard. Seriously, my gramma's woodburning Finnish sauna can barely compete with the natural windless swamp created by the endless fields of corn that surround my house. Ugh. So we were hot and trying not to think about Brian leaving. But we packed his stuff into the subaru and then sat around and drank squirt (elixer of the gods) and watched HBO. Escapism at its best.

We made full use of the family bed last night. Brian slept with each of us in turn during the night. He snuggled Quinny down to sleep on her nest on the floor. Then he climbed into the king with Peevers and me for a while. When Gabe fussed a bit in his mary-like sleepwalking stupor, Brian joined him in his floor-nest for bit.

Brian was already up and getting ready to leave when I got up at 7:30. I helped him finish packing his stuff. I moped around like a lovesick goose while he made coffee. I dragged him out to the front of the house for a final picture of us living in Iowa. He went upstairs and kissed all the sleeping babies (awww!). And then he had to leave.

And what will I do while he is gone? Weep. Copiously.

Honey, when you arrive in the land of plenty, can you send me a good absorbent mop and a dehumidifier? Between the weeping and the goddamn cornfields, I'm going under here.


hubby said...

ha...not so funny, and i miss all of you so much it's not close to funny. i wuv you

Cynthia said...

Hello Mary - well, you may miss him like crazy, but the students here are now the luckiest students in chiropractic college.

He is standing behind me making me type this. I am kidding.

We love him too so lok forward to you all being here soon. Ha ha it is cooler here than the Pit.


Patrick in Buffalo said...

Hey, Mary!

I'm finally reading your site -- good stuff. Sorry you're feeling down. Hopefully, it won't be (too) long before you're all back in the same nest again. I've already told Julie that I'll be coming down to Atlanta to help you guys with a few home improvement projects when the need arises.

In the meantime, do what my mom always told me: "Turn that frown upside down". (She also said, "Don't look directly into the sun" and "Don't get high on your own supply," but I'm not sure how helpful that would be for you right now.)

Love - Patrick

Anna Banana said...

Oh Mary...

Those pictures made me think of the day Jerome got on the train in Montana, leaving for Wisconsin.... leaving me alone imontana for the summer. I took pictures of the train getting farther andfarther away...
I feel your pain.