Monday, June 06, 2005

Why I MUST blog

We had to turn on the AC this weekend. Iowa summer has begun. While the actual temperature was typically in the 80's over the course of the weekend, it rained off and on and the general atmosphere was closer to that of a turkish bath. It smelled like one too. Quin has been pooping multiple times each afternoon while at Michelle's house, and we were treated to her new diaper experiments and extravaganzas. Seriously, she pooped like 8 times in two days. And a lot each time. Shouldn't she be dehydrated or the size of a chihuahua or something?

Brian was a manly man and worked on my "honey do" list. He went to town and bought stuff at Lowe's. He replaced the screens that Gabe had "speared" in his daily quest for something to kill or maim. Then he and Gabe had a long talk about putting sticks and other pointy objects through screens (it's not okay, for those of you thinking of visiting).

We caulked the bathroom to finish up the great wallpaper removal project. It still needs a little touchup paint but...DONE AT LAST!!!! I'm gonna celebrate anyway. And may I add: curses on all who put wallpaper up! I don't care how *great* it looks today. Someone (else) will have to remove it one day. (At least faux painting, although cheesy, is easily erased!) I just had to get that off my chest.

Brian also pulled up the carpeting in the guest room to reveal the perfectly nice hardwood floors beneath. I tried to help pulling out staples and such...but I pretty much sucked. I guess I'm better at plumbing.

After all this, Brian felt he had earned slacker time for the rest of the weekend (Sunday afternoon and evening). I whirled around the house doing the more routine cleaning (laundry, child disasters and so on), sorting out the disaster left in the wake of our home improvement projects and making dinner two nights in a row, while he *worked* on the computer and watched TV. I tried to get him to hold Pibhres for me but he said that he was too hot and he prefered not to hold a "lump of lava." That is totally going to be the name of my next blog. Either that or "What I Can Do With 18 Kids Hanging Off Me," because really, that what my life feels like typically.

This morning would be entitled: "How To Fight With Idiotic Insurance People So You Can Get Approval To Fix Your Crashed Minivan While 18 Kids Hang Off You." As I wrote this post I got up three times to answer the phone (which has no good signal in this room), nursed Pibhres back to sleep, searched for her sucky but couldn't find it, nursed her back to sleep again, pulled Quin off my leg and then made her breakfast, pulled Gabe off my shoulders and found his Scooby Doo game, enduring a running commentary as he captured each bad guy, culminating in "Mom, I got the Black Knight. I destroyed him with electric *zzzzt*", and I changed another poopy diaper from Quin. They say I should get my minivan fixed on Thursday. How is it possible I can do all this in one morning with three kids (or is it 18?) attached to my hip and it will take over a week before they can even BEGIN to repair my Toyota. Argh. Gotta go...Pibhres is awake again and I think the phone is ringing.

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