Sunday, September 11, 2005

And Now For Stripier News: I Painted

While in Georgia, in the new and mostly empty house, I did a bit of nesting (and NO I am NOT pregnant) last week.

I painted the kitchen a nice warm yellow.

I painted a few walls in the dining room (green and khaki).

And then I took on The Project in the kid's room.

I began by taping off the top of the walls at a height of six feet. I painted everything below that a lovely pale turquoise. Then I painstakingly taped off stripes in six inch intervals around the room. For about three hours. It was tedious and yet lovely in its mindnumbing simplicity.

This was a particularly fun stage in The Project because the striped walls created a carnival funhouse optical illusion that totally freaked out Hubby. He could barely even enter the room at this stage and when forced to come ask me something he would stagger in, eyes shaded and squint at the floor while talking to me and then scurry out.

If only I could use such a painted effect on the children to gain a private space, just for me! I could paint the interior to a closet and then line it with bookshelves and add a laptop and a minifridge and it would be nirvana. (Or a teenager's bedroom.) But alas, the children are immune to the pain of numerous bright blue vertical stripes. Nothing can free me from their searching and seeking ways. But I digress. Back to this HGTV moment.

As you can see, the final effect is quite lovely (I think) and the upper walls and ceiling were then painted a pale creamy yellow which brings the scale of the room down to kid level. I still will need to paint and install a inch wide flat molding around the room where the stripes meet the yellow.

The kids tested out their new room the next day and christened it with a laptop viewing of A Pup Named Scooby Doo.

But, the best part was, the decorating Peevers did, of herself, when left alone in the hallway near an unwittingly open door to The Project Room where paint was left drying. Luckily, she remained on the plastic matting that covered most of the carpeting and all I had to do was hose her down and scrape all the paint out of her ear.

And a good time was had by all. (Except Hubby, who had to watch the children all weekend while I painted.)


Anonymous said...
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Mar said...

freakin' spammers!

Kris said...

looks good, Suzy Homemaker. haha

hubby said...

actually spending time with the kids was the second best part of the know the best part, nudge,nudge....

Sarah said...

aw (the above comment)!!!! :o) the room looks absolutely awesome! all that measuring, taping and painting is a lot of work. very admirable - it turned out great!!!

Linda said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it.