Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rantings, Ravings and the Hierarchy of My Web Site

I realize the last post was a little vague. Frankly, the subject matter is a little too risque for me to describe in any more detail and maintain the tone of this blog. Then I would have even more hits from searchers looking for nudity in suburbia. So, if you are easily offended, think on it no further. Also, Hubby wanted me to point out that the bulk of said risque activity was perpetrated by Dr. P, not his oh-so-straight-laced self. Ahem.

Not to let a post go by without a steaming heap of controversy, I have to report that I have been embroiled in a little controversy in an online mom's group to which I belong. It is a group for AP (AP = Attachment Parenting, read "Granola Crunchy") moms and is generally a place of mild mom talk about cracked nipples and snotty noses and such. Last week there was some debate about vaccine reactions and vaccine safety. I (thankfully) kept out of it and let the debate rage without sticking my nose in. This week the controversial subject was Fluoridated Water. One particular mom, who had defended vaccines last week was now defending (mostly) fluoridation and went so far as to say that the so-called evidence "will never change the minds of those who see fluoridation of water as government interference in their lives".

At this point, I flipped out. (I trust this revelation of my getting a bit too worked up over such an issue won't shock most of you.) I then posted that I felt that all the "facts" which back up government justification of public policy and many mainstream health procedures are complete manipulations of data and all the other such ranting you have come to expect of me. In my defense, I did clearly state that this other mom was more than entitled to her own opinion but then I tore apart every thing she had said.

Of course, she responded defensively and with hurt feelings because she felt personally attacked. I relented a smidge and ate crow and apologized for hurting her feelings but stood by my stance that I did not agree with her opinion and didn't care for the way she had characterized people who disagree with public policy as simply being against government interference and I continued to discount her so called "facts" as being a slag heap of manipulated data.

And now I am "a figure of controversy" in my little online community. It's not like I chased her down (as a friend of mine once did) and threw a full Big Gulp cup into her open car window. (But I kinda wish I could).

I guess it is little online scuffles like this that make me happy that I have this blog, which all about ME and MY OPINIONS and anyone who says elsewise will have their comments deleted and will be banned. BANNED I tell you, BANNED! Bwa ha ha ha! I get to throw my weighty opinions and biases around and y' all have to either suck it up or skim over the blather and wait for me to post photos of the kids again. This is my little fiefdom and I am Queen Mar!


Innocent Observer said...

I am not easily offended nor apeased. I want to know!

Aparently we can add lazy to the list because I am asking here and not lookong it up over there, who is the wretched floride lovin' Mama?


Anonymous said...

Darn, I knew that losing all of the last few weeks' worth of emails from the AP group would come back to haunt me. :) By the way, I just found your email to me (this is Angela, by the way) and I would LOVE to get together one evening for wine, although I must say that I am a liquor kind of girl myself! :) I also swear quite a bit and am a self confessed blog stalker. ;) We actually see a chiropractor in Douglasville that my husband swears is no good because we rarely get "popped." I have no clue, but like going anyway. :) Oh, I have no clue about fluoride in water. :( Sadly, I am uninformed about many issues that I should know more about. We have well water. I stayed out of the discussion re. OBs since one of the ones discussed is my dad's girlfriend's sister's husband. Got that? ;)

clickmom said...

I am very similar to you in idealogy. I just quietly do my thing and keep it all to myself though. When I was my planning my first home-birth with my #2, I had an acquaintance who was also planning one. She felt the need to tell people who would obviously be shocked and oppositional. (Like middle aged men) It only made her doubt herself and loose sleep. I decided I would rather just do what I knew was right for me and mine and not try to change the world. I will however share what I know if someone seems genuinely interested and open minded. I ask do ask people not to give my kids the freaking flouridated water. Grrr....

Hmmm...I am suddenly feeling a bit cowardly here.


patrick said...

I am SHOCKED that one of your friends would actually throw a full "Big Gulp" cup through someone's car window.

What's wrong with these people?

Mar said...

Ahem. I don't know, PATRICK, some people just have issues I guess.


Sarah said...

you go queen mar. I never understand why online commuities have difficulties and why people can't accept healthy controversy. arg.

anywho, I can greatly appreciate your viewpoint on issues and would glady recommend any sources you have to recommend.

Nonny said...

I'm just waiting for more pictures of the kids. :-) Love you, Mom