Monday, April 03, 2006

The Hamburger

The boys have been playing the game from the movie, Waiting. This is what happens when grown men cohabitate.

Tonight heralded some new renditions of the game, namely, "The Hamburger" and "The Other Woman". I mean, HOLY SHIT! You have NO IDEA! They are so proud of themselves, that even I get to see all their "creations".

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you DON'T WANT TO! (This means you, Mom!) But if you do...HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP!

You have no idea what I have been exposed to. Or rather, has been exposed to me. I'm afraid to go to sleep now.


Anonymous said...

The best part about reading this posting is that we actually watched, "Waiting," just two nights ago. I truly feel for you. LOL! While watching the movie, I kept imagining what some of the things must look like in real life. Can you take some photos and post them on the blog? LOL!

Innocent Observer said...

Okay, so I am such a dork that I actually rented this movie. I NEVER would have picked it up; it didn't appear to be my kind of show. It was so freaking funny! We couldn't stop laughing. My favorite was of course a deleted scene:

"I know about the ball game. Okay, I'm cooking, cooking, me your balls!"

"no, really.."

"SHOW ME YOUR BALLS! I'm cooking, show me your balls.Come one, show them to me!"

And of course, "We get it, okay. You're cool and edgey. You're the coolest guy at Shenanigans. That's like.. being smartest kid with down syndrome!"

bahahaha. I'll have to watch it again! Thanks for turing me on to this. (No pun intended!)