Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ransom Note

Hostage: One wee silky My First Hello Kitty, abandoned in our minivan by visitors from Milwaukee.

(*note the way we have bound her wee arms behind her back to prevent escape)

Ransom demanded: One case of squirt and a bottle of vodka.

But you'd better send the vodka and squirt soon or else poor Hello Kitty will be abandoned yet again, but this time to the whims of my multiple offspring. Bwa Ha Ha Ha!

( A few of you didn't know what a freak I can be yet, didcha? Now you know.)


Sarah said...

I hope the owner of that kitty acts fast! Just give her the vodka & squirt before hello kitty becomes goodbye kitty!!

rosno said...

how about this? you put that Hello Kitty in the mail right now and we won't redeem three more American Airlines frequent flier miles from Chicago to Atlanta to come and get her in this blessed season of snow and ice. . .just remember, it's only ~ an hour one way to the airport a couple of times a day.

; )