Thursday, August 02, 2007

Girls Gone Garage

We tried something new. Instead of finding and paying for a babysitter crazy enough to watch 5 children under the age of seven...we just brought the party with us. And so, Girl's Night Out (Garage Version) was born.

It seems normal enough at first: a couple glasses of wine, some snacks for the kids, girl talk, kid talk, a wading pool.
And then they party really started ROCKIN'!

I swear the bottle was empty before we let the kids play with it.

And have a tea party with it.

Does this seem wrong? Cuz' I didn't pose this.

And then we caught a bug called a COW KILLER! Which was cool.

And Quin and Ribh decided they loved each other. Which was nice.
And this is why I cannot use this blog for work.

In unrelated news, but news nevertheless: Gabe Turned SEVEN today!

We are off to enjoy an adventurous day which will include a fancy dinner in a revolving restaurant in downtown Atlanta, and whatever else catches our fancy. I'll post more pictures if it's as adorable as I think it will be!

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